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Riproduzione di una sedia in stile Gotico


Dear Silvia,

I m sorry but my Italian is a bit bad.
Can you tell’me what kind of stile is the chair as shown on the foto. Is it Italian? How old ?
Thank you for your kind reaction.



Dear Rene ,

your chair is very interesting. It reminds me the French’or Italian “gothic revival” style. This style was born in England in mid- 18th. And it inspired all’the architecture and furniture style at the end of the 19th Century, in Europe and north America. In particular in England, France and Italy, there was a revival of the decorations and subjects taken by the gothic cathedrals and the Renaissance furnitures. So I think that this chair, was made in this period, taking inspiration from the Italian and French’decorations. However I don t think it was made in Italy.
Thanks for contacting me,


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