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Pianoforte Ascherberg


I hope you can tell’me have you ever seen one of these before??
It is number 1196. and would you have any idea what it is worth in American or Australian dollars…

Yours is the first’one I have ever seen.

Thank you
Sydney Australia….
I only speak and read English… Thank you


Goodbye Mr.Mark,
this piano “Ascherberg”-Dresden, is datable about years 1850-52.
The Firma “Emil Ascherberg” is an ancient pianofactory founded about 1845 in Dresden, Germany.
The productions is concerned uprights and grands models, and the quality of this instrument is allineated with good traditional german products.
I dont t know about australian marketing conditions; commercial value in Italy is fixed from 1500 to 2500 euros, if in good technical conditions inside.
More instruments of this era is available in Italy and Europe, generally speaking.
Probably, in australian piano market, this type of instrument is a little rarity that shift up his value.

Stefano Rogledi

approfondimento:”La storia del Pianoforte


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  • Simone Fantini

    Congratulations for your passion and your professionality! Could you tell me the date of production of my piano Ascherberg n. 19374? Thank you so much!


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